J and K Minister for Education Naeem Akhtar told reporters here that the worst phase of inclement weather was over and there were problems of water-logging in some places.
"There is no flood. There was some panic among the people because of the last year's situation. But right now all the rivers are running much below the danger-level and there is normal activity across the state.

"There may be some rains tonight but after wards the weather forecast is quite normal. The worst phase has passed," Akhtar said.
Akhtar said there was no panic and the administration was on alert as part of the routine governance."There is no panic but the administration is on the alert as part of the routine governance. As a routine government, we are doing what we have to and people have seen that change in Srinagar and other districts.
"Unfortunately, there was an approach till now no minister or officer would come out of his home, but now the work is going on everywhere with much fervor. I feel it is the start of a new dawn," the minister said.
Akhtar said there were problems of water-logging in some places but the government was doing its best to dewater such areas.
"There is some water-logging in some areas. This season is generally rainy here and these problems remain in the months of March and April... We are mechanically trying to  dewater those areas where there is water-logging. But there is no danger. We are using pumps to dewater such areas," he said.

The minister said the government invites people across  the country and the world to visit Kashmir Valley and the place would be much greener and better this year.
"Our Tulip Garden will be thrown open on Friday and there will be blossoms everywhere, and through you, I invite everybody in the rest of the country and the world to visit Kashmir, which, because of the rains, will be a much greener place and a much better place to come to," he said

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