New Delhi: With a lot on stake for the Congress in the forthcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, the party has finally come out of slumber and decided to speed up the activities to declare the list of candidates.

Following the instructions of Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, a meeting of UP Election Committee has been held on July 12 to finalise the list for the party candidates. The shortlisted names of candidates would be forwarded to the party’s Central Election Committee (CEC). After discussing the final list, the final list of candidates would be announced from Delhi.

Confirming the meeting of UP Election Committee on July 12 in Lucknow, Congress General Secretary and state-in-charge, Digvijay Singh said, “The candidates for Assembly elections will be shortlisted in the state capital. The party will not delay the matter anymore.”

He added, “A copy of shortlisted candidates would be handed over to the CEC, and as the names will be finalized the list would be announced from Delhi.”

“The first list of around 100-150 candidates is expected by the end of July or the first week of August,” he said, adding that the remaining names would also be released in the next few months.