New Delhi: Presidential candidate P A Sangma on Wednesday said he had no grudge against TMC Chief Mamata Banerjee for supporting his rival Pranab Mukherjee stating all parties have their own "compulsions and calculations".

Asked if he was disappointed at Banerjee's decision, Sangma said, "No, no, she has every right to decide for her party. I have nothing against her...I tried to reach out to her. I met her and requested her. That was my duty and she had given me a patient hearing, and also gave me some hope."

Sangma had earlier met Banerjee in Kolkata to solicit her support. After the meeting he had expressed the hope that TMC, a UPA ally, will support him. However, Banerjee had not promised him anything.

The former Lok Sabha Speaker, who is being backed by some opposition parties, accepted that TMC not voting for him was a setback.

"Naturally, every vote is so valuable," he said.

But the tribal leader, who is reportedly mulling over filing a petition in the Supreme Court against Mukherjee for allegedly holding an office of profit, has still not lost hopes of a final victory.

"You wait till July 22," he said when asked about his prospects and plans.


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