Ranchi: If you drive to a Ranchi petrol station on your two-wheeler without a helmet, be prepared to be refused fuel.

To ensure the safety of bikers, the Ranchi district administration has directed petrol pump owners not to give fuel to those who are not wearing a helmet, an official said on Tuesday.

"Deputy Commissioner (DC) of Ranchi K.K. Soan has directed all pump owners of Ranchi not to give petrol to two-wheeler riders without helmets. He has also asked petrol pump owners to come out with such a notice at their petrol pumps," an official said..

Petrol pump owners have also been asked to set up CCTV cameras. Soan has also asked them to note down the number of a two-wheeler if its rider is without a helmet and tries to get petrol by force.

The move is aimed at minimising the casualties in road accidents.

In Ranchi, there are more than 43,000 registered two-wheelers. Police in the past had launched a special drive against those not wearing helmet. Ranchi police early this month had also started garlanding such riders.

Petrol pump owners are skeptical of the move. There are around 95 petrol stations in Ranchi.