Patna: In a unique move to curb the increasing number of road accidents in the state, the Bihar Government on Thursday issued an order directing all petrol pumps in the state capital not to give fuel to those who are not wearing helmets.

Patna District Magistrate JK Sinha said that written orders have been sent to all pump owners not to give petrol to those two-wheeler riders who are not wearing helmets.

“Wearing helmet would now be made mandatory for all two-wheeler riders. If someone is found violating the order, petrol pumps will not give them petrol and police will also take strong action against them,” Sinha said.

He also informed that helmet wearing riders will be permitted to enter petrol pumps.

Pump owners have also been asked to install CCTV cameras and note down the number of two-wheeler if its rider is without a helmet and forcefully tries to get petrol.

The move is aimed at minimising the casualties in road accidents.