Northern Army Commander Lt General D S Hooda also expressed concern over a number of youth joining militancy, but said the numbers were not large to transform the security situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

Speaking to reporters after laying wreath at the war memorial here and paying homage to the martyrs of the 1999 Kargil war, he said, "There are no large footprints of ISIS in Jammu and Kashmir. Yes, there are incidents of flag waving that we have seen.

"Is it a matter of concern, yes it is. Because ISIS is such an organisation with such radical sort of ideology and views that we should make sure that it doesn't even get a hold and it has no place in a democracy.

"And therefore, there is a reason for us to see how to fight this ideological battle and frankly that is the plan at which it will get fought.So for us who are concerned with security and those concerned with governance, everybody has to put his head together and make sure that this very terrible organisation, if I may call it, doesn't get a foothold in India," he said.

The army commander said the creeping of ISIS into the region is a matter of concern.

"We are seeing it (footprints of ISIS in the region) slowly. We have already seen it in Afghanistan. There have been numerous incidents of conflict between ISIS and the Afghan Taliban. The ISIS is trying to gain some influence in Afghanistan. We have also seen factions of TTP which operates in Pakistan which has pledged their allegiance to ISIS.

"So there is a creeping towards this side and definitely it is a matter of concern that their coming into closer and closer into our region," he said.

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