"We are changing framework. It is in the interest in growth of telecom or telecom research and development. No manufacturer in this country has got deep pocket to manufacture new technology because technology changes in 2-3 years," Telecom Centre of Excellence Director J Jena said.

TCoE was formed in partnership with government, industry and academia in 2009 to do research and develop that can be used for boosting the domestic manufacturing industry which lacks fund to for research and hence Intellectual Property Rights.

"For research we need funds. Through foreign partnership we will continue boosting our innovation capabilities as well as we will be up to date with latest technologies being developed globally," Jena said.

TCoE has appointed angel investor Vikram Upadhyay as advisor for establishing partnership with foreign entities.

There are eight TCoEs at present, set up in collaboration with one telecom operator and one IIT. Jena said that under new model any entity from industry can collaborate with any of the TCoE centre that will help in boosting research activities.

Jena said that domestic manufacturers have not come forward to adopt product and solutions developed by TcoE scientist as they have been hesitant in investing on technologies that can not give immediate returns.

Domestic telecom gear makers body TEMA countered the claim of TCoE and the academic institution was to undertake research for products that can be tested and tried and used by operators.

Once operators give its clearance, then Academic Institution will give manufacturing rights to some local company. As product would have been tested and tried by operator, so it would be ready for sale in market, TEMA Chairman Emeritus NK Goyal said.

"It is immaterial if local company has deep pocket or not. Local companies have technology, products. They are manufacturing optical products, wireless products and lot others. If TCoE has developed any new product or applications acceptable to operators, then Indian Industry is in a position to start manufacturing the same immediately," Goyal said.

TCoE innovations includes voice based recognition on caller on voice over internet protocols that can prevent fake callers from making calls, technology to ensure high capacity in 4G networks, tool for estimating power consumption in 4G networks, enhancing wifi coverage area etc.

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