Kejriwal, who will be administered oath of office along with six AAP MLAs, at the historic Ramlila Maidan said there will be no VIPs at the ceremony and ‘everyone is invited’. "It is open for all. No VIP is there. All 'aam aadmi' will be present. You are all invited," he told reporters.

45-year-old Kejriwal said portfolios of the new ministers will be announced in the next two days. The cabinet ministers who will take oath along with Kejriwal are Manish Sisodia, Rakhi Birla, Somnath Bharti, Saurabh Bhardwaj, Girish Soni and Satendra Jain.

Kejriwal to invite Hazare for swearing-in ceremony

While calling upon people to come in large numbers at Ramlila ground for the swearing-in ceremony, Kejriwal said he will speak to his guru Anna Hazare and ask him to grace the occasion. "Anna Hazare is my guru and I would personally talk to him on phone to invite him for the ceremony," he said.

Asked if he would travel to Delhi for the ceremony, Hazare said in his native Ralegan Siddhi village, "I am not well". "I can't say right now. I am not well," Hazare said when asked again.

Kejriwal appeals honest officers to approach him


Kejriwal to prove majority by 3rd January
 Delhi CM designate Kejriwal holds Janta Darbar
The Chief Minister-designate asked honest officials and employees of Delhi government to contact him through SMS or email so that they can be deployed at places where they can work to solve Delhi's problems.
"I would request them to contact me through SMS or email, we will depute good people at good places and want to move ahead with them. I don't have a magic wand to solve all the problems but if good, honest and efficient people join us nothing is impossible," Kejriwal said.
"For the first time, there is a Chief Minister who is looking for honest officials to work for him, otherwise whenever a new CM comes, he or she looks for those officials who can earn them commission through corruption. If honest officials join us, it can help us giving a corruption-free government," he added.
Asked how AAP would verify if somebody is honest, he said, "We have a network and we will find out. A team of officials like present education secretary Rajendra Kumar are looking for honest and dynamic officials".
Kejriwal reiterated that as soon as he assumes power he would ensure 700 litres of water supply to each household, and said all the necessary groundwork is being done.


  1. Lokpal Bill aimed at battling corruption and covering all employees will be passed within 15 days of coming to power.
  2. Around 3,000 ‘Mohalla Sabhas’ to be set up where people would decide what they want for their areas -- parks, street lights, dispensaries and so on.
  3. Payment for government work would be made only if ‘Mohalla Sabha’ is satisfied with the work done.
  4. Electricity tariff will be slashed by half and electricity distribution by private companies will be audited. Inflated bills will be rectified and if distribution companies don't cooperate, their licenses would be cancelled.
  5. Two lakh community and public toilets will be built.
  6. Families, which limit their monthly water consumption to 700 litres, would not be billed. Domestic water consumers, who have got inflated bills up to November 2013, will not be liable to pay these bills.
  7. Delhi Police, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) and the Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD) will be brought under the control of the Delhi government.
  8. Minorities will be protected and ‘fake encounters and false cases against Muslim youth shall end’.
  9. Any public official found guilty of corruption would be sacked, jailed and his/her property confiscated.
  10. Honest officials like Ashok Khemka and Durga Shakti Nagpal would be encouraged and protected.
  11. A Citizens Security Force would be formed in each ward to provide security to anyone in distress.
  12. No court case would be adjourned if the Delhi government is a litigant.


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