Gwalior: Still groping in dark in the double murder case of jewelers in Gwalior and Murena district, the police team is clueless about the assailants. Meanwhile, in an effort to appease the annoyed members of trading fraternity, top police brass of Madhya Pradesh has transferred two Inspector Generals (IG).

The traders have claimed that the culprits have political patronage, which has kept the police in making any headway in the case.  To satisfy the angst of the traders, IG Arvind Kumar of Gwalior range and Sanjay Jha of Chambal range have been transferred to Gwalior headquarters.

Prabhat Agarwal in Gwalior and Omprakash Agarwal in Ambah of Murena district were murdered by unidentified gangsters two weeks ago. 

Police in its preliminary investigations had accused both jewelers of practicing illegal trade which benefitted the absconding assailants. Though police have claimed, they are still investigating both case but the traders opine that the assailants are being safeguarded by the cops.

Amidst heavy downpour, a protest was carried out by the traders against the state police department.