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life goes on for Sushma Seth

Age is no hindrance in leading an optimistic life as long as the attitude towards life remains youthful. This is what Sushma Seth, the famous television actress believes in. Sporting a jolly nature even at the age of 75, Sushma Seth is an inspiration for others.

She captured the hearts of millions of Indians as ‘daadi’ in the first soap aired on Indian television ‘Hum Log’. Her popularity can be gauged from the fact that when her character was about to die in the serial, the audience refused accept that forcing the producers to extend her role till the last episode. Twenty six years on and ‘Hum Log’ has returned in a younger avatar titled ‘Hum’ where Sushmaji plays the role of a 'sutradhar' or narrator.

A peek into her life…

When Sakhi team reached Sushma Seth’s house New Friends Colony in Delhi and entered her drawing room, we found an incredible paradigm of her everlasting pursuit for decoration.  She welcomed us very affectionately. The painting of Tanjore art hanging on her drawing room wall was very captivating. We were fascinated by it and could not resist ourselves from praising her aesthetic sense.  She told us that other than being an actor and music lover she also indulges in fine arts. “I have sketched this Tanjore are,” she added.

The key to good health is yoga

After praising her aesthetic sense we went on to discuss about the secret to her health. She smiled and said, “Thirty years back I took training in Ashtanga Yoga Sutra from Patanjali Yogpeeth. Since then yoga, pranayama and meditation have become part of my daily routine. I have never skipped this practice because it has become source of happiness in my life. I always wake up at 5 am and take a stroll for fresh air.”

“After that I do yoga, pranayama and meditation. Also I do ‘riyaaz’ for fifteen minutes every day after I return from walk. The entire day I remain busy with my theatre work,” she added.

Sushmaji also told us that she has associated herself with an NGO named ‘Arpan’. She grooms acting skills in children. She also directs and drafts one-act plays. She is very much pleased with her job.

Balancing relationships

During our chat with Sushmaji she told us about her family bonding. She said “I was born and brought up in a joint family where I learnt how to respect our moral values. After marriage I realised that fortunately my in-laws are caring. I have chosen acting as my career because of the support I received from my husband, in-laws and kids. When I forayed into acting all my three kids (Divya, Priya and Kavi) were studying. I had to travel to Mumbai for film and television shooting frequently but inspite of that I was always there whenever my family needed me.

“Relationship is a very big liability; we have to take care of it. My mother and my mother-in-law have taught me value relationships which now I try teach my kids,” said Sushmaji.

Lessons learnt from children

Talking about the mutual understanding between the younger and older generation Sushmaji said, “I believe that the older generation should adapt themselves to the changing situations in society. I learnt how to use a computer and internet from my granddaughter, Ananya. I felt that this would be fruitful for me.

When asked about her plans for future she elaborated, “I want one-act play or drama to become more popular in the society and today’s youth should choose theatre art as a career. I will always work for this cause. Last but not the least, I never ever want to retire from my mission.”

Courtesy: Sakhi

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