New Delhi: Putting an end to the speculations of why the Congress is playing Rahul Gandhi card to enrich their electoral prospects in Uttar Pradesh even if the youth leader is not the front runner for the chief ministership, the party on Thursday clarified that Gandhi will be the sole decision maker if Congress comes to power in the state.

“The people of Uttar Pradesh will choose Congress this election, and Rahul will live by the promises he has made to the natives,” Union Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal said on Thursday.

When asked about whether Rahul Gandhi will be the next chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, the Congress leader said, “It does not matter who becomes the Chief Minister, the remote will be in Rahul Gandhi’s hands”, adding, “Rahul has potential of becoming the Prime Minister and no one can stop him but he has no obsession for becoming PM or CM. He just wants to deliver his promises and he will do it.”

Giving all credit to Gandhi for the surprise increase in voting percentage in the first phase of UP elections, he said that the game changer ‘youth population’ have come out in support of the youth leader Gandhi and they will lead Congress to victory and form the UP government this time.