Washington: The US has urged the ruling regime in Bahrain to engage in the political dialogue to respond to the grievances and desires of the people of the country.

It came a day after Saudi Arabia sent troops to Bahrain to help quell Shiite-led unrest in the Sunni-ruled kingdom that is also home to the US Navy's Fifth Fleet.

"We have made clear that we believe that there is no military solution to the unrest in Bahrain or in other countries in the region.

We urge the parties involved here and the governments involved to engage in the political dialogue that is necessary to respond to the grievances and the desires of the people of Bahrain," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

The US believes the situation in Bahrain needs to be resolved by the Bahraini people and the Bahraini government.

This is the broader point that US President Barack Obama has made since his speech in Cairo in 2009 that it is precisely to prevent ongoing unrest in the region; or it will be one of the positive effects of having a dialogue, broadening political participation of the people in these countries, addressing the grievances, responding in a non-violent way, he observed.

"We obviously believe that this has to be dealt with by the Bahrainis in Bahrain. We believe that it began with protests by the Bahrainis, and we have encouraged actually both sides to engage in a dialogue, moderates on both sides who want to pursue that. We continue to do so," he said.