Bangalore: After storming into quarter finals, Australia skipper Ricky Ponting is in no mood to over-experiment when his side will take on Canada in a Group A match of World Cup on Wednesday.

"Depends upon how the game's going," Ponting said when asked if he would like to experiment with his spinners.

"I think the guys got the chance to perform different roles the other night. Looking back at the game, I think it's really important for us to put in place the process what we think is going to be best for us to play and win big games.

"We want to win every game. We would like to continue improving upon each performance, as we go through the tournament. And by the time, the semi-finals and final generally come up, we would be playing our best cricket."

"First of all, we just try and prepare the best way we can. We had plenty of time to do that in the last couple of weeks. We have got Canada coming up tomorrow, then a big game against Pakistan, before the quarterfinals and semifinals. To tell you the truth, we have never looked that far ahead."

The Australian skipper also stressed on the big gaps between matches as a reason for some of the batsmen taking time to regain touch.

When a question was asked as to why Shaun Tait gets different treatment (he bowls in very short spells) compared to others, the skipper's attributed it to speedster's wicket-taking abilities.

"We probably do treat him a bit differently from others because he is an out-and-out wicket-taking bowler. He can bowl the unplayable ball quite a few times during his ten-over spell. We just give him the licence to bowl fast and try to take wickets."

"He had great success in the last World Cup and I think he was one of the highest wicket-takers last time around. The best illustration he has shown as a bowler was in the New Zealand game. By the second over he had conceded 20 and three or four overs later he had 4-30. So that's the sort of impact he can have on the game."

"We have Brett Lee and then, Mitchell Johnson coming in as first change. They are all strike bowlers."

He further added, "Brett has been very consistent with the way he has performed. His line and length as well as pace have been very good. He was able to pick up early wickets for us as well. Mitch (Johnson) has also made a great impact in the first two games. The attack certainly has complemented each other very well," the skipper summed up the attack.