New Delhi: Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Sachin Pilot announced to bring reforms in the present system of free distribution of spectrum to companies, by introducing a New Telecom Policy soon.

Apart from restricting free licenses, the new policy would cover the broad framework of reforms like defining a spectrum license period of ten years, renewal charges for licenses.

Speaking to Dainik Jagran, Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Sachin Pilot said, “Spectrum is a national resource and government is resolute now that companies can avail the licenses by paying properly for it.”
As per the drafting of new telecom policy, companies would have to pay proper amount for the licenses. At present they just had to spare a part of their dividends to the Central Government.

Sachin Pilot added, “Government will soon decide that spectrums would be auctioned like 3G or companies would be charged directly.”

Brushing aside the speculations about high charges for communication services, Pilot said, “As India is a huge market with exploring possibilities for IT services, market won’t allow the telecom services to increase the rates. And due to competitions the service charges will also come down. It is the same reason why 3G services are now available at low costs.” 

Pilot also indicated that the New Telecom Policy would be beneficial for the domestic equipment makers. He said India would be a big market for telecom equipments in coming decade for which the industry will have to equip itself.

To ensure security in the telecom sector, the new policy would lay down few provisions with stringent rules on importing equipments, he added.