New Delhi: No drums or musical instruments will be allowed during processions and only one flag can be put at the residence of candidates -- these and other instructions form part of directions issued by the State Election Commission for the Delhi municipal polls.

According to the guidelines, distribution of pamphlets in house-to-house campaign can be permitted provided they are not handed out in public places so that proper cleanliness and hygiene is maintained.

While taking out processions during campaigning, the SEC said, it has been decided that a candidate and his supporters can hold flags up to a maximum of five in one procession. The size of the flag will be three feet by two feet.

"Use of drums and other musical instruments are not allowed in processions," said the directions issued by State Election Commissioner Rakesh Mehta, late last week.

The Commission clarified that rickshaw is also treated as vehicle regarding restricting processions to three vehicles per candidate.

"The instruction regarding three vehicles to be allowed per candidate would also be applicable to rickshaw. Hence no separate flags on rickshaws are permitted," Mehta said.

A candidate can set up only five temporary offices in ward for campaigning, it said.