Bhopal: The Madhya Pradesh government, which conducted Emotional Quotient (EQ) test of its ministers, has not disclosed the names of the participants while replying to an RTI query despite the State Information Commission's directives in this regard.

The report of the test made available to an activist after over two years of filing the application under the RTI Act carries marks achieved by ministers on various parameters including outlook, integrity, trust and inter-personal connection without mentioning their names.

"The data is incomplete. It does not have names of the ministers who participated in the test. The State Information Commission has clearly directed the Public Information Officer of the School of Good Governance and Public Analysis (SGGPA) for it," said Ajay Dubey, who had filed RTI application in 2009.

The data provided to Dubey contains the result of 2 participants.

Dubey had sought details of the test carried out by the state government in Pachmarhi.

After denial of informationfrom both the PIO and first appellate authority, he moved the

The Commission, while hearing the plea, in March directed the PIO to give full information to the applicant.

Failing to get the full response from the government, Dubey in April filed a fresh application seeking reports of ministers' EQ test under the transparency law.

"The information given to the response of my latest RTI was different from what I got from the PIO of SGGPA. I have filed a complaint in the State Information Commission about providing tampered documents to me," he said.

The SGGPA had in February 2009, in collaboration with IIM-Indore, organised a two-day workshop at Pachmarhi to improve governance and find the strengths and weaknesses of Madhya Pradesh government.

The test had cost Rs eight lakh, the RTI reply said.

The ministers were adjudged on parameters like emotional expressions, emotional awareness of others, interpersonal connections, constructive discontentment, trust, outlook, integrity, personal control and others.

According to the test report, most of the undisclosed participants have faired well on trust and integrity.


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