New Delhi: Amid reports of Chinese military buildup along Indian boundary, Defence Minister AK Antony on Tuesday said there is no need to be unduly worried over military and infrastructure modernization programmes of other countries.

Antony said the efforts should be instead on improving the country's infrastructure.

 "We are aware of some nations augmenting infrastructure and modernising their military capabilities. Instead of unduly worrying over this we must improve our infrastructure at a steady pace. At the moment, we are doing that," Antony said.

He was addressing the silver jubilee function of the Army Aviation Corps.

Observing that the challenges to be faced by the armed forces in future would range from terrorism and internal disturbances to asymmetric and conventional warfare, Antony said, "The non-conventional threat of terrorism poses a threat to the global peace and all nations have to unite to tackle these evil designs."

Army, IAF should reconcile differences on assets: Antony Defence Minister A K Antony said there was a "difference of perception" over the control of aviation assets between the Army and the Air Force and the two services must reconcile on the issue.

"Regarding aviation assets, naturally there are some differences in perception," the Minister said at the silver jubilee function of the Army Aviation Corps.

The two forces have a difference of opinion on the use of Mi-35 attack helicopters, which are used to provide support to ground troops.

The army contends that it should control these assets as its troops are fighting on ground whereas the IAF doesn't want to lose them arguing that as the main aerial force, it was better suited to perform such roles.

"While enhancing your capabilities and performing your role, I feel you must ensure that there is perfect synergy between army and the IAF have to work for this reconciliation," the Minister said.

"In our public life, it (reconciliation) is in everyday life. But now services will also have to learn the art of reconciliation among themselves. This effort should be among yourselves so that India can have a very strong and better coordinated determined force to face future threats," Antony said.

He said if the forces wanted, the Ministry "could also play a limited role" in the reconciliation process.

Meanwhile, answering a query on Defence Ministry's 'in principle' approval for 10 per cent disinvestment in HAL, Antony said the decision was taken to "contribute to the efforts of the Government.

"Now the Finance Ministry and Commerce Ministry will take steps on the issue."

To help the modernisation plans of the HAL, the Ministry has given in principle approval for the divestment of India's only aerospace PSU HAL.