New Delhi: Even after Citizen Charter has been effective in Delhi for the past two months, no officials or government workers have been subjected to penalty as yet, reason being the unawareness of people.

The Delhi government had brought Citizen Charter into effect on September 15, 2011 under which 40 public services like driving license, vehicle registration, caste, birth and death certificate and issue of ration card had been included. A time-bound redressal of grievances relating to entitlements and services was assured by the government in the charter, and as a penalty in case of failure to deliver, the official has to pay Rs 10 per day to the applicant.

According to the government data, out of 1, 26,809 applications, 86, 132 were disposed off. As many as 47 applicants can claim for the penalty but due to lack of public awareness they did not do it.

“Maximum people do not have information about the Citizen Charter. They should know the time limit of the services and in case of the failure they should claim for the penalty,” said Rajendra Kumar, IT official.    

(JPN/ Bureau)