New Delhi: Accepting the prices of petroleum products to be a burden on the common man, Finance Minister Pranab Mukhejee urged the opposition parties to support the government in this situation of economic slowdown in the country.

He also stated that he would not ask the state governments to reduce the taxes especially when the country’s economy is not in a very good shape.

During a discussion in the Parliament on Friday over inflation Pranab Mukherjee said, “Usually the Centre is blamed for the price hike of petroleum products but it’s the Central government which has deluded the custom duty on crude oil. Also, there has been a reduction on the excise duty on the petroleum products.” he added.

State governments cannot be directed for reduction in the sales tax as they also need revenues.

He said, “The government has no sufficient funds to compensate losses incurred by the state governments."

The Central government collected Rs 1, 04, 000 crores while the state government collected Rs 1, 21, 000 crores as taxes on petroleum products adding to a total of Rs 2, 25, 000 crores.