"Telangana should happen, but bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh should not cause injustice to anyone (in all three regions of the state) with regard to resources, employment and other fields which would all get divided," he told reporters.
Accusing Congress of indulging in divisive politics, he said the talk of Telangana was merely to win elections.
"If they (Congress) really wanted to make it (form Telangana), then they could have announced a separate Telangana state earlier," he said, and questioned why Congress was "sleeping" for five years.
"Without looking into these issues, if you (Congress) want to bifurcate the state, it will be only with the aim of (winning) the Lok Sabha elections. If they really want to make Telangana, let them make it by clarifying about ensuring equitable justice. We will also work towards getting justice to people of all the regions," he said.
Replying a question about President Pranab Mukherjee's speech on "populist anarchy", he alleged that the biggest anarchic party in the country was Congress and claimed that it was the reason why the President "retired" from it.
"Political anarchy, economic anarchy, inflation and Maoism are all due to the Congress," Ramdev said, adding only BJP prime ministerial nominee Narendra Modi could free the country free from all these ills.


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