"Departments have been instructed not to depute such employees on any public dealing post till the graft case is decided and the employee has been exonerated by the court," he said.

Deputing such undertrial employees on public dealing posts could cast adverse effect in the eyes of the public, besides disseminating wrong message among the other employees of the department," the spokesman said.

The government also directed all departments to refrain from deputing an employee on the same post, where he has been nabbed by the vigilance bureau in a graft case.

"It has come to the notice of the government that some departments depute undertrial employees on the same posts where they were nabbed by the vigilance bureau redhanded in graft case," the official said.

In such cases, the employee could tamper with official documents and exercise his influence over the complainant and official witnesses pertaining to his graft case," said a spokesman of the vigilance department.

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