Bangalore: Slamming the UPA government for adopting the path of confrontation with the Opposition, the BJP on Saturday made it clear that it was in no mood to let passage of bills in Parliament.

"No question of BJP's cooperation in passing bills in Parliament. Confrontation and cooperation cannot go together," senior party leader M Venkaiah Naidu said. Naidu said the Joint Parliamentary Committee's draft report on 2G issue, that gave a clean chit to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, was leaked and Congress wants BJP members on JPC -- Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha and Ravi Shankar Prasad -- removed.

"The Congress can remove all opposition members from Parliament itself just as it did during the Emergency," Naidu said. He added that the demand to remove BJP members from the JPC shows the "evil mind" of the government.

"The CBI affidavit had proved that PMO officials and Law Minister were privy to the report, vindicated BJP's position that the central agency was being misused for political and partisan ends and that CBI had become Congress Bureau of Investigation," the BJP leader said. Asserting that the UPA government had been reduced to a minority with several of its allies deserting it, he said it was surviving because of the CBI. "This government has become vulnerable and may fall any time," he said. Lok Sabha polls were imminent after the Karnataka Assembly elections.

On Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's attack on the BJP government in Karnataka, whom he had accused of creating a "world record" in corruption, Naidu said the Congress leader promising a clean administration was the "joke of the century as Congress and clean cannot go together." Naidu said BJP was gaining strength day by day in Karnataka and despite "initial doubts” it would secure a clear majority.


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