New Delhi: Although the government figures suggest a gradual decline in inflation, but in effect the decreasing numbers have failed to bring any respite for the common man. Due to inadequate supply, there has been sharp increase in the prices of eatables like potato, onion and other vegetables.

The prices of all primary food commodities are high in comparison to the last financial year.

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said that prices of food items would reduce after the festive season. Though, he expressed concern over the increased prices of non-food items and fuel products.

The spells of summer rains has recently spoiled crops in onion-growing regions in the country, leading to continuous rise in prices of onions. The reduction in stock has affected the supply of potatoes as well.
Although food inflation fell to single-digit at 9.55 percent for the week ended August 27 after breaching the double-digit mark in the previous week, onions became dearer by 42.03 percent on an annual basis, while potato prices were up by 13.38 percent during the week under review.

Fruits became 16.57 percent more expensive and overall, prices of vegetables shot up by 22.42 percent on an annual basis.

The prices of eggs, meat and fish were up 7.26 percent, while milk became dearer by 9.12 percent. However, prices of pulses fell by 1.56 percent year-on-year, while wheat became cheaper by 1.04 percent during the week ended August 27.

It is noteworthy that food inflation was 10.05 percent in the previous week, whereas it was 14.76 percent in the same week last year.