"Vijay Goel left the election committee meeting to come here, but media said he left the meeting in anger. Now, I and Harsh Vardhan ji have came here from the meeting, would you say that we are also angry...Don't show false news," he said.

"Forget about us but think about your own credibility," said Gadkari, addressing a congregation of BJP workers organized by Delhi BJP's Purvanchal Morcha.

Gadkari was reacting on media reports that Goel reportedly walked out of the party's chief election committee meeting held here over not being projected as chief ministerial candidate for Delhi polls.

"Like Congress who has lost credibility, your channels will also lose its credibility and people will not see your channels," Gadkari said.

"BJP is not facing the question that who will become the prime minister or the chief minister, or who will become the MP or MLA," he said.

"We are facing the question how we will our country make progress, how poor will get a better life," Gadkari said.


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