London: England might claim they have sorted out Sachin Tendulkar as the iconic batsman initially prefers onside run-making but former Indian great Sunil Gavaskar sees no great science behind such a discovery.

"Every batsman has his style of batting. It emerges from his grip. One with a heavy top hand, like the one Sourav Ganguly used to have, would be better on the off-side than he would be on the on-side.

"Tendulkar, if you notice, has a round top grip. It gives him a natural advantage on the onside. So that becomes your preferred mode of run-making," Gavaskar, arguably the greatest technician the game has known, said his uncle and former Indian player Madhav Mantri, who was much respected for his insight into the game, used to say a look at a batsman's grip would give a clear idea on his style of batting.

"So it's no rocket science. I'm glad it took the world to discover Tendulkar's style after he has nearly 15,000 Test runs under his belt."