New Delhi:  HIV vaccine examination in India has reported no side effects in the first phase of clinical trials, said Indian Council of Medical Research experts. The vaccine is being developed in India.

Dr VM Katoch, DG, ICMR said, "The first phase of clinical trials for the HIV vaccine being produced in India has already been accomplished in December 2010. It is being carried out with help of  international agencies. No side effects have been reported."

He said that Phase I trial primarily seeks information on safety, particularly looking out for any vaccine-related side effects.

Vaccines are first tested in laboratory and its studies are conducted on animals for safety and immunogenicity. If results are favorable, a vaccine must successfully complete several phases of testing before it can gain approval for licensing and marketing.

India currently figures among the top countries with the highest cases of HIV infection around the world.

Scientists from the Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC) in Chennai and National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases, Kolkata with help of  international agency - International AIDS Vaccine Initiative – had already started experiment on the vaccine in 2008.