New Delhi: Central government’s decision to cap subsidized LPG cylinders will certainly affect adversely on the Temple, Gurdwara and other religious centers.

Apart from this, there are dozen other institutions as well where cooking gas supplies are going to be affected with the move. Just like the normal customers, these institutions will be getting only six subsidized cylinders in the year.

Earlier, apart from the religious institutes, schools, universities, police stations and mess of defence department had privilege to procure LPG cylinders at subsidized rates. On broader terms, there is supply of around one lakh cylinders in national capital. There are few Gurdwaras in Delhi whose monthly consumption is 2000 cylinders.

It is evident that these Gurdwaras will get additional financial burden as the government gives Rs 400 as subsidy to one cylinder now it will have to disburse Rs 800 in this regard. Actually, the government has put the cap on number of subsidized cylinders but didn’t clear how to implement it. A delegation of distributors of LPG cylinders in the country has met the officials from Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry to discuss the issue.

They say that the whole process of LPG cylinder supply has yet to computerized and it will be difficult to figure out if the consumer has taken 6 cylinders.

However, the ministry has assured the delegation that clear guidelines will be issued to ensure the supply of only 6 cylinders to every consumer.


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