A new 'No thanks' button will now allow users to skip creating a Google Plus account when one signs up for a Gmail, Google Docs, or other Google accounts.

Google had earlier stopped pushing its Google Plus users to use their real names in July and had done away with the ‘Sign In with Google+’ buttons in exchange for a more straightforward ‘Sign In The Google’ button in April.

Upload your Google+ videos directly to YouTube

Google has now added a new feature which allows users to upload their Google+ videos directly to the world's largest video site YouTube.

The YouTube users with a Google + account can now upload their video content to their video sharing site through a new Google tool.

“If you are a regular Google+ user and have uploaded plenty of videos to share with your circles, or if you have Google+ Photos Auto backup on your mobile device, you will be able to import all these videos to YouTube. This way you can easily store those videos on YouTube, share it with your fans and keep uploading awesome content in your channel,” a Google employee confirmed on a blog.

The YouTube users will now discover an 'Import Videos' option on their upload page and if you have a video content in your Google + account then clicking this link will highlight it and allow you to import it directly to your YouTube channel.

Extra security

Google Inc also asked users to consider 2-step verification, which adds an extra layer of security to the account, after Russian hackers earlier posted nearly five millions usernames and passwords online.

The list was posted on bitcoin forum btcsec.com by a user called Tvskit. The user claimed that about 60 percent of the passwords are still active.
The same Google account password is used across all Google products like Gmail, Youtube, Hangouts, Drive and Maps.