Lucknow: After the DMK announced its withdrawal from UPA, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav on Sunday said that there is no apparent threat to the government.

"The government is not in minority and SP will continue to support the government at the Centre," Yadav told reporters here in reply to a question on the emerging political situation following DMK's withdrawal.

On being asked whether the SP will join the government if invited, he said it was a hypothetical assumption.
"There is no discussion or talk going on about SP joining the government," he said.

He said stand-off between the DMK and Congress over seat sharing in Tamil Nadu polls was not an important issue.
"It has to be seen whether the resignation submitted by DMK ministers is accepted or not. In coalition, such things happen," he added.

Asked whether he had any conversation with the Prime Minister regarding joining the government, Yadav said there were no such talks.

"Although we have telephonic conversations off and on, three days back  the PM called me and said he wanted to discuss other important issues, including the stand-off in the Lok Sabha and country's security," Yadav said.