As the Mumbai Police continues its investigation in the molestation case, 39-year-old Preity took to Facebook to "set the record straight" in the wake of her filing the FIR against the industrialist.
The actress said she was shocked to see certain people question the motive behind her decision to go to the police.     Preity said violence and aggression against women is wrong, yet people try to point fingers at the woman who comes out with it trying to make her sound frivolous and with ulterior motive.
"Why did I report a personal matter to the police? PERSONAL MATTER? Seriously? For the record this relationship was ended by me in 2009 and I don't ever recall having gone to the police on any personal matter irrespective of what happened then. But now it's been 6 years since the break up so THIS IS NOT A PERSONAL MATTER (sic)," Preity said.
The actress also rubbished reports that she filed the case against Wadia for money, saying she did a commercial for the Go Air for free and also donated the money she won in 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' to the Wadia Children Trust.
"... IPL was my project from the start and for the record not only did I pay for myself (5 crores) when I got into the IPL (bid) I paid for Ness too! 5 crores ! (Proof of my financial commitment in the IPL is with the BCCI.) To be fair to him he did pay me back a couple of months later (without any premium) so Hope the money theory is put to end once and for all (sic)," she said.
The actress, who on June 30 got permission of the Mumbai Police to fly abroad, clarified that contrary to reports she did not file the case for publicity. "I don't need publicity, specially cheap publicity."
"JEALOUSY ? Life moves on, people move on and so have I, and Happily so. I firmly believe and live by the principle that The Windscreen is always larger than the rear view mirror," she added.


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