A day after Priyanka attacked her cousin Varun, saying the Lok Sabha polls was ‘an ideological war and not a family tea party’, Maneka said there was no war at all.
"There is an election. He wanted to fight the election from something that belonged to his father. So he is going to contest and I appreciate that. I appreciate the fact that he has taken a difficult area," Maneka said.

The BJP leader said she has no idea what triggered the war of words.

"I have no idea what has triggered it off. I really do not. They are fighting their own election and my son is fighting his," Maneka said.

When asked whether it was reclaiming Sanjay Gandhi's legacy, Maneka said she was proud of her son and her husband, and added she was happy that her son had gone to his father's constituency.

"No we are not reclaiming any legacy. But it does not sum that. I am very proud of my husband and my son. So if my son does go to his father's constituency, I am quite happy with that," she said.
Maneka said she visited the constituency as she wanted to see how the people reacted to Varun.


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