"The decision they (Nobel Peace Prize Committee) have taken is a right decision because I need to work a lot," Malala said after it was announced that the organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has been awarded 2013 Nobel Peace prize.

"If we just forget about the decision that was taken about the Nobel Peace Prize, I think people gave me their prize. They nominated me. And that is the great prize for me," she said. "Then I have a prize in my mind that for which I'll struggle, for which I'll do the campaign, and it is the prize that is the award to see every child to go to school. I’ll serve my whole life for that, for that is the prize that I want to get in my life," she said.

Malala said she wants to go back to her country and fight against terrorism. "Pakistan is the country where I was born, and I am a patriotic citizen of Pakistan, and I love my country. I want to be sincere to my country. I am truly hopeful that I will go back to Pakistan, because I want to fight against terrorism in Pakistan," she said.

"I want to fight for those girls who are deprived of education. And I have chosen politics, because through politics, I can serve the whole country. So I am hopeful, and I think if I empower myself with education, if I get knowledge, then it would be much easier for me to get success in my cause,” she added.

Meanwhile, the United States, while congratulating OPCW for getting Noble peace prize, praised the courage and efforts of Malala, terming it remarkable. "That young woman's courage and efforts are remarkable, and the President absolutely honors them, as so many people around the world do," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said on Friday.

Obama congratulated OPCW and said this reinforces the international community's commitment to the international prohibition against the use of chemical weapons. "The President congratulated the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and obviously thinks that there is an enormous amount of good work being done around the world on behalf of peace and all of it should be recognized," Carney said.


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