New Delhi: In a bid to bring effective changes in the higher education, the functional area of National Commission for Higher Education and Research (NCHER) has been expanded that includes Nobel laureates who will share their experiences to upgrade the system.  

According to the draft of NCHER Bill ,the collegium will comprise of the representatives of different councils and committees . A provision has also been made to include Noble winners and people awarded with other prominent medals.

According to the draft of NCHER Bill, the list of collegium members besides various councils and committee representatives will also include Nobel Prize winners and Fields Medal awardees who will be selected on the basis of personal qualities and abilities.

For the effective management of the panel, four schedules have been formed for the collegium members.
The first schedule will comprise a representative from bar council, medical council, Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and Institute of Engineers.

The second schedule will include a representative from 13 research bodies like Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Indian Council of Medical Research and Indian National Science Academy.

The third schedule will comprise two special international award holders, which will include the Nobel Prize recipients in India.