Noida: As the rapid depletion of groundwater has become a cause of concern for the Noida authorities, they are mulling over a scheme to supply pure Ganga water to every household in the region.

The authority which presently mixes groundwater with Ganga water plans to supply pure Ganga water by 2031. The authority has also drafted a Master Plan-2031 for the water supply.

For this, Rs 1 crore has been sanctioned and the process of providing Ganga water to the Noida residents has started.

Chief Maintenance Engineer Abhiyanta Yadav said that the authority was well aware of the danger of depleting groundwater.

“Although we are far away from crisis, preparations to overcome them have started and results will be visible in coming years,” said Yadav.

Noida people are lucky enough as the authority has funds to invest in such type of schemes and strong will power of senior officials to implement public welfare schemes.

According to Master Plan-2031, with the increasing supply of Ganga water, the authority will reduce the groundwater availability in households.

However, water will be drawn from tubewells and rainy-well so that they could remain functional and could be used in the event of crisis.

The authority makes arrangements for the harvesting of rain water in the city but due to poor maintenance, they remain un-used.