Noida: Those waiting to get their newly purchased flats registered in their name have been provided a breather by the Noida Authority. The Authority has made provisions for direct registration of the flats and has decided to end obligation on selling flats or duplex until all installments have been paid.

However, the Authority has not yet reached on any consensus on the issue of multiple power of attorney and has asked for a proposal on three issues from the Registry Department.

The Supreme Court, in September 2010, had made the registration of every flat in group housing societies compulsory and extended the time duration for registries upto six months on the current rates in July 2011.

However, certain technical hurdles were being faced in the registry process. Since, many flats of housing societies in Noida had been sold more than twice, they were still registered in the name of the previous owner. And the new owner could not get it registered directly.

Providing respite from the hurdle, the Authority has given an oral consent allowing flat residents to get it registered directly. The Authority will acquire a list of changed members from the office bearers of the society which are projected to be around 1000 to 1500 in number.