New Delhi: A day after the Noida Authority launched its sealing drive, the Supreme Court passed a stay order on the sealing of banks in the residential areas and they were ordered to deseal eight banks which were closed down on Wednesday. The banks got a breather when the Apex Court suspended the sealing process for six weeks. The decision was directed by the bench comprising Justice Swatantra Kumar and Justice Ranjana Prakash Desai.

The Court further cleared that the authorities would not seal the commercial units till six weeks effective from January 23. The authorities have been ordered to de-seal the banks which were closed on Wednesday by today’s evening. The SC has also said that if the banks could not locate to commercial places in six weeks, the authorities could seal them.

However if bank manager, managing director or company’s owner submit an affidavit affirming that they are not interested in relocating and instead go for some other options, the authorities would also grant six weeks to them.

Presenting banks’ case in the Court senior lawyer Mukul Rastogi who has alleged the Noida Authority for “contempt of court” said, “The court had granted six-week time for the relocation of the banks to commercial land but the authorities launched its sealing drive before the deadline given by the court.”