Greater Noida: In the wake of the alleged police atrocities against villagers of Bhatta-Parsual, a six-member team of National Human Right Commission (NHRC) visited the clash-affected villages on Tuesday and held discussions with the grieved villagers.

The team headed by SSP Viplav Kumar along with two Deputy SP and three Inspectors reached Bhatta village on Tuesday morning at 11 am. The investigating team accompanied by Congress district president Vikram Deshpal, former MLA Rajendra Singh Solanki, senior leader Devi Dayal and SDM (Sadar) Vishal Singh went to the affected areas. The team also visited locations which were reportedly set on fire by police teams and presently heaps of ashes are piled up there.

The NHRC team recorded the statement of over two-dozen families to probe complaints of police atrocities following farmers’ protest on May 7. The villagers had complained about merciless cane-charge on farmers by police and PAC jawans, police trespassing into villagers’ house and vandalizing their property and looting money from the villagers and even burning their fields on the day of clash.

A few women folks also handed over blood-stained clothes to the team.

Chandro Devi along with other women folks including Premvati and Neha Sharma of Bhatta village made allegations that the following the incidence police and PAC jawans barged into their houses and thrashed everyone, whom they found. “They damaged our TV, refrigerator and other property in the house. The police didn’t even spare the old ladies and violence,” they added.

Aleemuddin had his own tale to tell. Narrating his plight to the team, Aleemuddin said, “Our family has no land and so each member does labour work to earn the livelihood. We had nothing to do with the farmers’ violence. But after the clash, the police forcefully took away my son Bhura, nephew Shaukin and grandsons Naushad, Akhtar and Shaukat and threw them behind the bars.”

Jamila, another grieved villager said, “The police entered in the house and beat up the family members and took away cash worth Rs 6,000 along with silver ornaments.”
The NHRC team reached Parsaul village at 2 pm and took statement of over half a dozen families.

On Wednesday, the team members will meet the protestors lodged in Dasna Jail to record their statement. The investigation team will camp in the village for another three days to investigate into the allegations made and take more statements of the villagers of affected areas.

SSP Viplav Kumar said, “Any person who wants to register the complaint can come along with his identity card. If any individual has suffered an injury, he or she will have to show the hospital papers. The villagers are free to show any document related to violence.”