Noida: Noida authority would return over 454 acres of land, which was transferred to it for development purposes during Mayawati regime, back to the state.

The Board has given approval to hand over the 454.63 acre land of UP irrigation lying in NCR area back to the department.

The land was transferred to the authority during Mayawati period and it had planned township on the project. The authority had then paid Rs 95.03 crores.

The SP government on taking guard of the state felt that irrigation department was at loss and land transfer was illegal.

The land lies in villages Madanpur Khadar, Okhla, Jasola, Jaitpur, Ali and Saidabad and was transferred in 2008-09.

The land will be returned to irrigation department as government felt land was not fit for planned development, sources said.

On June 15, UP Irrigation Minister Shivpal Singh Yadav had told the Assembly that his department had transferred a large chunk of its land to Noida authority during the BSP regime, suffering a loss of Rs 2,642.20 crore.

The Board also expressed concern over non implementation of Vijay Shankar Mathur Commission report of December 19, 2007 till date.

Board gave directions that of the 91 cases considered by the commission those cases under which no adverse findings are reported by the commission should be treated as regularized and necessary formalities should be completed by the authority officers.

For rest of the case CEO was empowered to decide the cases on  case to case basis keeping in view the directions of commission in these cases.


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