Kolkata: The West Bengal Assembly on Monday witnessed noisy scenes as opposition Left Front members rushed to the well and later staged a walk-out when Speaker Biman
Bandopadhyay turned down their adjournment motion on the issue of plight of farmers in the state.

The Speaker, however, allowed Mishra to read an edited version of the motion which said many farmers have decided not to go for boro cultivation owing to black marketing of fertilisers and irregularities in the supply of seeds. This was affecting agriculture production.

It said the tendency to take loans is increasing among farmers and they are becoming frustrated. There are have been instances of farmers suicide. Farmers are feeling insecure and the state government has failed to control the situation.
After reading the motion, Mishra went on to demand an adjournment, but the Speaker said the points raised in the motion did not call for an adjournment as those points have been discussed on earlier occasions.

Besides, the Opposition can discuss the points through mentions, calling attentions and questions, the Speaker said.

Left Front members then rushed to the well and walked around the reporters' table shouting slogans. Some Trinamool Congress members replied with catcalls.

The Speaker continued with the business of the House, but nothing could be heard in the din.

 After shouting slogans for about half an hour, the Front members walked out of the House for the day as Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee was moving the West Bengal
Salaries and Allowances (Amendment) Bill, 2011, seeking to raise the allowances of ministers.

Later, Mishra told newsmen that the Speaker had refused to admit the adjournment motions of the opposition for three consecutive sessions since the Mamata Banerjee-led government came to power.

He said that the points raised in the adjournment motion on Monday had not been discussed before in the Assembly under the new government.

''Sadly, I cannot make this government understand the difference between a mention and an adjournment motion. Or it may be that they are refusing to understand the difference with a purpose,'' Mishra observed.

While fertilisers were selling at much higher rates than the printed retail price, the government was not increasing the procurement price of crops, he said.

Pointing out that the credit-deposit ratio in the state was among the lowest, he said banks seldom advanced the required loans to farmers.

''It is for the government to look at all this. But they get annoyed when we gather the information on the ground realities and pass it on to them for redressal,'' he said.

Asked whether the Speaker was playing a partisan role, he said, ''I do not want to comment on the role of the Speaker. But you will see, everytime he has to say something, he looks towards his right at the Treasury Bench.''