This major development by the company also gives Normandy a huge cutting edge over the rest of Nokia phones as it will attract more Android enthusiasts. This Operating System will allow the handset to run popular Android applications, thus addressing the biggest drawback of the current Nokia Asha lineup.

With Normandy, Nokia plans to take Lumia design to Asha range. Recent leaks also revealed that single button will be there in the front panel, which is identical to Android smartphones from mobile giant Samsung.

Leaked images of Nokia Normandy show red coloured front and rear panel of the device. Other features that are speculated from these leaks are Bing, Store, and Tutorial apps on the home screen.

The company will reportedly market these phones targeting low-ended smartphone market. Nokia, being a trusted name among low cost phone users, is striving hard to maintain its market position.

Nokia recently revealed that instant messaging application WhatsApp will now be available on Asha smartphones, starting with Asha 501.