Throwing a big spanner in their plans by giving adopters a taste of what Microsoft’s ecosystem is all about the Android developer community has served impeccably well.

The new Nokia X platform allows you to get rooted and offers the developers to install the Google Play Services framework as well as the Play Store on their phones.

Root access enhances the device and gives users system-level privileges, which allows installation of custom ROMs and aftermarket system software.
While the Nokia X phones will ship with support for much of the Android app ecosystem, any potential user from the existing Android user base would want to preserve functionalities that they have become proverbial with.

Stating the obvious that on a default Nokia X, this feature wouldn’t be accessible and users would have to switch on to the Microsoft services ecosystem. This rooted method allows these users an unofficial way to retain their Google sign-ins.
Now what we have to wait for is the flood of custom ROMs for the Nokia X, as the official launch of the phone is still not expected in the near future.