New Delhi: Amid growing support within the BJP for Gujarat CM Narendra Modi to project him as the next Prime Ministerial candidate, party patriarch LK Advani has expressed in his latest blog that neither BJP nor Congress will be able to win majority after next general elections. He has said that Congress will be confined below 100 seats in the Lok Sabha whereas the BJP will be far behind absolute majority.

Citing this possibility, the senior BJP leader says that it would be most likely that a non-Congress, non-BJP Prime Minister could be possible, however, with the support of either of the two largest parties. Advani further adds that this has happened in the past also.

He cited the examples of Charan Singh, Chandrashekhar, Deve Gowda and I K Gujral – all supported by Congress – as well as V P Singh (supported by BJP).

However, he warned that such governments have never lasted long.

"There has been stability at the Centre only when the Government has had either a Congress or a BJP Prime Minister," he said.

Advani claimed that the national polity of the last 25 years has made it "practically impossible" for any central government to be formed without the support of either the Congress or the BJP.

On this basis, he ruled out a Third Front government in 2014.

Advani quoted a recent interaction with two Cabinet Ministers who expressed the apprehension that neither the Congress nor the BJP-led coalitions may get a clear majority in the 16th Lok Sabha election.

He said that the Congress Ministers felt that in such a scenario a Third Front government may be formed which would be "extremely harmful" for stability and also national interest.

While giving its reaction to the blog, Congress said that it would be better for Advani to think about his own party and not for the Congress.


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