Johannesburg: Former Cricket South Africa president Norman Arendse is furious at the introduction of the new clause in board's Articles of Association, which restricts his return as the CSA chairman.

Arendse resigned three years ago after a vote of no-confidence by the majority of provincial affiliate representatives on the CSA board.

However, some of the same affiliates have now recommended Arendse's name in a restructuring process, resulting from the recommendations of the Nicholson inquiry.

The inquiry was instituted by sports minister Fikile Mbalula in the wake of irregular IPL 2 bonus payments that now suspended CSA chief executive Majola had paid to himself and other CSA staff members.

IPL 2 was played in South Africa due to security concerns around elections at that time in India.

Informed sources within CSA said Arendse was set to return as the new chairman of the board after fulfilling all the requirements of the interviewing committee.

But a late amendment to the CSA Articles now precludes Arendse from being elected as a director, despite the nomination committee reportedly having said that he was the best qualified person for the position of chairman from among the candidates interviewed.

The new amendment disqualifies any individual who has been associated with cricket in the preceding three years of his appointment as director.

Arendse, an advocate by profession, has indicated that he will challenge the rule as the decision to the effect was not taken at the CSA's annual general meeting for approval by all.

"It is an insult to the people of high integrity who were appointed to act on the recommendations of the Nicholson inquiry," Arendse told the daily 'The New Age'.

"You can't change the rules of the game when the game has already started," Arendse added.


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