Seoul, Jan 08 (Agencies): North Korea reiterated on Saturday a proposal for unconditional talks with South Korea to ease tensions on the divided peninsula.

The latest offer comes days after South Korea dismissed earlier calls by the North for negotiations on ongoing tension between the two after a North Korean artillery barrage on a South Korean-held island and killed four South Koreans in November.

North Korea also proposed holding separate talks later this month or in early February on other issues, including resuming a suspended joint tourism project and cooperation at an industrial complex in the border city of Kaesong.

The North suggested restarting suspended Red Cross talks on humanitarian issues.

North Korea said its offer was "a measure of good faith for opening the channel of dialogue and improving the North-South relations."

"The South Korean authorities should discard any unnecessary misgiving, open their hearts and positively respond to the North's proposal," the statement said.

Unification Ministry spokesman Chun Hae-sung said South Korea would review the latest offer, noting North Korea has not sent an official request for talks.

The North this week called for unconditional and early talks with South Korea, but Seoul dismissed the offer and urged Pyongyang to show it has changed through actions, not words.

The US and South Korea have been vague about what they want from the North to restart talks. Washington has indicated openness to resumption but is urging the North to demonstrate it is serious about changing its behavior.