The experts monitoring sanctions against the North say Pyongyang also continues to export ballistic missile-related items to the Middle East and trade in arms and related material to Africa.

A summary of the expert panel's report, obtained by The Associated Press, says one reason North Korea is able to keep evading sanctions is "the low level of implementation" by the 193 UN member states of the four UN sanctions resolutions adopted since the country's first nuclear test in 2006.

The panel said the reasons for non-implementation are diverse including "lack of political will," inadequate national legislation, lack of understanding of the Security Council resolutions, and "low prioritization." The report and its conclusions "raise important questions about the overall efficacy of the sanctions regime," it said.

The report was sent to the Security Council, where the United States and China have been working on the text of a new sanctions resolution since North Korea's latest nuclear test on January 6.

The experts said North Korea's Ocean Maritime Management Company, Ltd. "continues to operate through foreign-flagged vessels, name and company re-registrations, and the rental of crews to foreign ships," despite being on the UN sanctions blacklist since July 2014.

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