North and South Korea on Tuesday agreed to end a military standoff that sparked an exchange of artillery fire and had ratcheted up tension on one of the world's most heavily-fortified borders.
The two sides also agreed to open a new channel of dialogue to discuss a range of issues with the aim of improving ties, raising hopes for a fresh push to restore talks and exchanges that had been cut off since 2010.
"The joint press release published at the contact provided a crucial landmark occasion of defusing the acute military tension and putting the catastrophic inter-Korean relations on the track of reconciliation and trust," media quoted Kim as saying in a meeting with military aides.
Kim said the accord was reached "thanks to the tremendous military muscle with the nuclear deterrent for self-defence built by the great party as a pivot and matchless ranks single-mindedly united around the party," as media reported.
The comments were made at a meeting of the Central Military Commission of the North's ruling Workers' Party of Korea, the same forum led by Kim last week that warned of military action unless Seoul stopped its propaganda broadcasts.


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