Seoul: North Korea on Monday announced April 11 as the date for a special ruling party conference expected to wrap up the power transfer to new leader Kim Jong-Un.
The North on April 15 marks the centenary of the birth of founding president Kim Il-Sung, the present leader's grandfather. It will launch a satellite between April 12-16 to commemorate the event.
Party committee meetings in the military, provinces, cities and counties elected Jong-Un as one of the delegates, "reflecting the unanimous will and desire of all the party members, service personnel and people", the official news agency said.
Analysts say the Workers' Party of Korea meeting is likely to appoint Jong-Un to the post of party general secretary previously held by his father Kim Jong-Il, who died in December.
Jong-Un has been proclaimed "great successor" but has so far been formally appointed to only one of the late Kim's posts, that of supreme commander of the 1.2 million-strong military.
Separately, the North will convene an annual session of its rubber-stamp parliament on April 13.
The parliament has the power to appoint a chairman of the National Defence Commission, the highest decision-making body in the highly militarised state.
Kim Jong-Il previously chaired the commission. It was unclear whether his son would take over the post.
North Korea's announcement of a rocket launch to put a satellite into orbit has been condemned by the United States, South Korea and other nations as a pretext for a long-range missile test banned by the United Nations.
It has also jeopardised a deal with the United States announced February 29, under which the North agreed to suspend uranium enrichment and long-range missile tests in return for food aid.