The warnings came amid escalating military tensions on the Korean peninsula following a landmine attack South Korea blamed on the North and ahead of a major South Korea-US joint military exercise condemned by Pyongyang.
After the mine blasts which maimed two South Korean soldiers on border patrol, Seoul recently resumed high-decibel propaganda broadcasts across the heavily-militarised frontier, using batteries of loudspeakers that had lain silent for more than a decade.
Pyongyang rejected accusations that it was behind the mine incident as 'absurd', and its frontline army border command today said the broadcasts were a 'grave military provocation' and demanded they be halted immediately.
“Failure to do so would trigger 'an all-out military action of justice to blow up all means for 'anti-north psychological warfare' in all areas along the front," the command said in a statement carried by the North's official news agency.
All South Korean units involved in the broadcasts "whether they are fixed or mobile, will never escape the strikes," it added.
The threat came a day after North Korea said it would turn Seoul into a 'sea of fire' if South Korean activists continue the practice of launching propaganda leaflets across the border by helium balloon.


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