Mumbai: Ram Gopal Varma seems to have reinvented himself as a filmmaker in every aspect. Apart from shooting Not A Love Story, inspired by the Neeraj Grover murder case, on a digital camera to cut down costs, the director has filmed the mall scenes with a high-end mobile phone.

A source associated with the film tells us they couldn't smuggle small digital cameras inside a Malad supermarket to shoot the scenes of Mahie Gill buying polythene bags and a big kitchen knife.

"The camera had to be deposited before entering the premises. So Zaryan Patel, the cameraman, suggested shooting with an iPhone4," reveals our source, adding that only two people went in to shoot the scene.

He adds, "Obviously, Ramuji couldn't go anywhere near the place as he'd be recognised. So, armed with the phone, the cameraman shot Mahie's scenes inside Hyper City. And in 15 minutes, they were out." Later, when the filmmaker saw the footage, he was impressed.

"Ramuji felt that the footage looked like it had been shot on CCTV cameras, so he decided to treat the scenes accordingly in the movie," explains our source, further informing that the footage from the high-end mobile phone was edited to make the 10-second scene in the movie.

Confirming the same Mahie said, "The whole film is shot in guerrilla style. However, for this particular scene, we were a bit scared of getting caught. Thankfully, it went smoothly and the result is looking, good too."