"I am also a Hindu, but in our religion there is not one holy book, there are many books. If you take Gita, what about the Vedas? What about Upanishads?... There are many opinions, we cannot just like that say that one book is holier than others," Tharoor told reporters outside Parliament.

He also wondered as to how there could be talk of one national holy book when several religions are practised in the country.

"I am of the opinion that for the government to talk about such things is not correct," Tharoor added.

Swaraj had on Monday pressed for the Centre to declare the Gita as a 'Rashtriya Granth' (national scripture) with the demand touching off a controversy.

Swaraj made the remarks while speaking at 'Gita Prerna Mahotsav', organised to celebrate 5,151 years of the religious text at the Red Fort Maidan here where VHP President Ashok Singhal had said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should immediately declare the holy book as a national scripture.

The minister had said that she was able to face challenges as the external affairs minister only because of the teachings of the Gita.

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